The Wonder Woman & Brains Behind Embrace ~ Taryn Brumfitt


The Body Image Movement is not a craze, or a phase, or a bunch of hippies singing Kumbaya around a fire of burning bras. We are an internationally recognised activism group and need like-minded individuals as passionate as us about shifting the world’s body loathing mindset to join our team. ~ Taken from The Body Image Movement’s Website


Becoming a Body Image Movement Ambassador, or, BIMGA for short, was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made.


Taryn posted a photo of herself back in 2013, showing a new take on a ‘Before & After’ photograpgh.

Her photo (below) shows her going from a Bodybuilding superwoman to her true self. Womanly curves, baby tummy and naturally gleeful, smile.


I myself jumped on board in 2014 after hearing of Taryns mission to create a one of a kind documentary, using kickstarter.

I knew I had to help her in her task to start changing the world, one woman at a time.

In April 2017, I was lucky enough to host my very own screening of Embrace at my local Odeon cinema BH2 in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.

I had a wonderful helper/supporter and magical fairy called Sarah. Sarah jumped on board with both hands after connecting with me via Facebook. Together we promoted and shouted about the importance of Embrace!

Together we promoted and shouted about the importance of Embrace!

We sold out the cinema! Over 100 tickets sold! Squee!

What a wonderful, emotional and empowering night that was.

So many stories of women fighting battles with Body Dysmorphia, Eating Disorders and spending 50+ years just hating their own body. And that was just a few members of our lovely audience.

Imagine just how many Women and Men, children and adolescents are hating on their own bodies!

It’s time, in fact, it’s so long overdue! Now is the time to Embrace ourselves.


Watch the trailer here!

The Body Image Movement Website is here.