The Art Of Magical Mindfulness. The beginning of Adult Colouring Pages!

Back in 2015, I decided I wanted to create my very own set of Colouring Pages!

They were becoming ALL.THE.RAGE & I wanted to find a way to get people using the joy of colouring & art to calm the crazy talk of Anxiety and Mental Health Challenges.

I knew that for me, being creative is the best way to relax, quiet my mind and feel like I’ve achieved something even if that was all I’d managed that day.

So, I selflessly (oh it was such a chore !)  threw myself into designing these pages!

They took me about one month if that, to complete. I adored the process of thinking up ideas, sketching them out. Rubbing them out and starting again. Then inking them in with an ultra fine Sharpie (my fav pen of choice, I think I should get shares in Sharpie!!).

Back then I operated under the name of MidSummerLily and solely shared my creative work. Selling my Art through Etsy and my Facebook page.

I set out to create an actual real life book but found it hard to source the means to do this. So settled for a local printers, who beautifully printed out copies of my work onto thick 100gsm A4 paper.

I didn’t want the pens coming through, or ripping the paper. I wanted the colours to stay bold and true.

They looked and felt just beautiful.

I decided to pop them all in a recycled Kraft folder and hand-decorate them with love.

And voila! I’d created my 1st set of pages! Yey!


Fast forward to mid August and I was approached through Etsy by a young mum by the name of Claire. She is an avid consumer of colouring books and asked if i would send her a set to review in exchange for an honest critique.

It was the first time id ever done this kind of thing, so I was super nervous.

Mind monkeys ran through my head.

“She’s going to hate them”

“She’ll think they are super crap”

“What if I’ve been taken for a ride?”

As usual my brain was talking crap.

Claire adored them.

Her beautiful blog post was simply a pleasure to read and I burst into happy tears!

If you’d like to check it out you can!


Fancy seeing my Magical Spiral Colouring Book?

Yes! I finally did it! I sourced a great company to spiral bind my work and create the cutest A5 colouring book you ever did see! Squee!


It’s been a massive learning curve this colouring ride, but its been so successful and wonderful, that its been worth every minute creating, tweeking and fighting with technology!

You really can do anything you set your mind too!




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