Divorce and Divine Intervention

  Divorce and Divine Intervention. Why my husband leaving me was the best thing that happened!   Ten years ago today my husband walked out on my son and I. Ten years ago my world completely shattered around me. Ten years ago I slipped into despair. Ten years ago I started a journey that would […]

Journaling For Happiness!

  Yes, yes, I know! It’s another person chattering on about journaling and it’s benefits! But bear with me. Do you remember being young and having lots of spare time to do as you please? Yeah, your parents were ALWAYS telling you do stuff you didn’t want to do like helping with the chores and […]

The Art Of Magical Mindfulness. The beginning of Adult Colouring Pages!

Back in 2015, I decided I wanted to create my very own set of Colouring Pages! They were becoming ALL.THE.RAGE & I wanted to find a way to get people using the joy of colouring & art to calm the crazy talk of Anxiety and Mental Health Challenges. I knew that for me, being creative […]