Mum ♥ Artist ♥ Peddler Of Honesty



So you wanna know who I am?


♥   I’m 38 years old! I live on the beautiful South Coast of England, in Poole, Dorset.


♥   I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at the age of 11.


♥   I spent the next 3 years seeing a psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist every single week.


♥   At the age of 14~ Whilst at my Aunts house, my Mum explains to me that she is taking me to a special children’s hospital for mental health treatment. I remember screaming at her that she didn’t want me, I was awful, I may as well die as my mum didn’t even want me around. I clearly see myself running and launching myself onto my cousin’s bed and burying my head in the pillows, feeling so empty and distraught.


♥   And so begins my first ‘In-Patient’ stay at a young person’s psychiatric hospital.


♥    I’ve tried to kill myself 5 times since the age of 15.


♥    From the ages of 14-21 I was in and out of psychiatric hospitals, at 18 I had to go to the adult hospitals.


♥    I’ve lived in a young person’s community home, a mental health community home, the YWCA and many other ‘interim’   homes. I’ve moved 38 times in my 38 years.


♥    I got married aged 24 & had my son aged 25.


♥    I suffered from horrendous post-natal depression & OCD rears its ugly head.


♥    Got divorced aged 27.


♥    Went to Open University and studied Psychology & Understanding Children.


♥     Age 29 fell in love with my now fiance, Norm.♥


♥     Just before I turn 31 we have our daughter.


♥      I suffered from horrendous post-natal depression & OCD rears its ugly head, uh-gain!


♥      At the age of 34, I start my very first business! Creating bespoke gift boxes using the art of pyrography (burning wood) and acrylic paints. I open an Etsy shop. 


♥      Realisation dawns on me that I need, and I want to be doing something bigger with my life. I want to help others with mental health challenges, to help Mum’s find their own life purposes! I spent a year learning and listening to my intuition. Fighting with fear that I’m not good enough, that nobody will want to know what I have to say. So, I decided to start blogging for various mental health sites and sharing my personal story. You can find them here and here.


The response I got blew my mind! People were so happy I’d shared my truth. They wanted to know how could I help them? Where could they find me?


With all of these gorgeous people backing me up, I decided to create the website you see before you! Eek! 


I’m blessed beyond measure by the chance to reach out and touch other peoples lives ♥

I get up each day to live life to the fullest, to create art & change people’s stars ♥

I adore every minute!


It’s a busy, beautiful, messy & crazy life. 

I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Lizz ♥