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Welcome to my prime slice of internet real estate.

It’s a work in progress (like life…am I right?!)

All I’ve ever wanted to do, other than own a horse ranch, is help others with their mental wellbeing.

I sincerely do NOT want anybody ever feeling as alone as I did when I was a teenager.


I’m doing this because I want to share my journey, tell you the truth, wear my heart on my sleeve…& hopefully entertain you at the same time!



I began life with severe OCD, Depression and piss poor self-esteem because of it.

I’ve been through CAHMS, the UK’s Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services since I was just 11 years of age.

I’ve been in and out of psychiatric hospitals since the age of 14.

I DID NOT Have A Normal Childhood. It Was Traumatic, Sad, Filled With Uncertainty And That Was Just The OCD!

Becoming a ‘grown-up’ 😉 has sure as heck taught, and proven to me, that not one person has their shit together.

Not one!

They may pretend they do. In fact, a lot of people are really good at hiding it. Me included!

The truth is totally different though. when you scratch the surface, become friends with people you begin to understand, that despite their perfect hair, car and kids… Man, they’ve got struggles!


To be honest, I think that’s been one of my most liberating realisations of becoming an adult.


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